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I need a criminal defense lawyer.

Kissimmee, FL |
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I'm a house cleaner. we had a regular clients 2 story condo broken into while we were upstairs. i heard a noise downstairs. checked things out. the master bedroom was ransacked. a gun was taken along w/2 clips. now the wife and i are suspect. we've been cleaning for these people in this community for 6yrs. incident free! highly recommended services. we,ve been questioned by D.T. and asked to take a CVSA. Do i need to lawyer up? how accurate r these tests?

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  1. Yes, you do need an attorney and before you speak to anyone. The crime you are likely charged with carries a 10 year minimum mandatory sentence.

  2. Any tme that one is suspected of committing a crime he or she needs to have an attorney.

    The above is not intended as legal advice. The response does not constitute the creation of an attorney client relationship as this forum does not provide for a confidential communication.

  3. I highly recommend hiring at attorney. As I practice in Osceola County, feel free to call me. As for Voice Stress tests, they are a bunch of hocus pocus and I would never trust them.

  4. I agree, consult with an attorney as soon as possible. Protect your rights.


  5. I agree with everyone. You should hire an attorney immediately. And never ever speak with the police or anyone else about the case unless your attorney is preset. This potentionally could be a very serious charge and your priority should be seeking representation ASAP. Good luck

  6. Do not speak to the police again about the case as you have the right to remain silent and not incriminate yourself. My office is in kissimmee and a majority of my cases are in that county. You may contact me if you would like to speak about the case. Chances are that anything you tell the detectives is going to be used against you as you are the primary suspect. It seems from what you said that you were in the house while the robbery was occurring which can be interpreted by the police that you helped the person get into the house. While in the house, that person was armed or became armed with a firearm. Which as the other attorney said carries a ten year minimum mandatory sentence. So yes, you need to lawyer up. Hope this helps and you can contact my office in Kissimmee anytime. Thank you

  7. First of all, do not take the CVSA. Understand that while the results may not necessarily be used in court, they are a common technique used by law enforcement to convince people into making admissions of guilt without doing more investigation. Second, you should retain an attorney to help you with the matter. My office is in downtown Kissimmee near the courthouse. 811 Patrick Street. Feel free to call me at 407-846-1529 if you have questions.

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