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I need a criminal defense attorney pro bono

San Jose, CA |

I am being charged with a misdemeanor. I am sure that the charges would be dismissed if I had a lawyer, unfortunately I don't have the money for one right now. I'm a good person and truly sorry for making such a stupid decision. I don't want this to affect my future, I want to do something with my life. Can someone help me, please.

Attorney Answers 5

  1. Maybe. Convince me. Tell me the charge and all about you, your past, your plans, education, past criminal record, including juvenile. Don't omit anything. Tell me what you did and why. What was happening in your life that led to this incident. What is your age?

    But if you are so sure this case will be dismissed, why are you so sure that a Public Defender would not succeed in this?

  2. I am happy to provide you with a free consultation. I will give you a straightforward and honest opinion. It is best to reach me in the afternoons. You may call me toll free at 877-663-7778.

    Best regards,
    Debra s. White, Esq.

  3. Contact the Santa Clara County Bar Association's lawyer Referral Service and Modest Means at 408-287-2557
    Pre-screened lawyers can help you at reduced rates if your income qualifies.
    The type of misdemeanor is relevnat to any analysis. You have not provided enough information.
    Good Luck.

  4. Sounds like you have at least some attorneys that are willing to provide their services for FREE. Also, if you cannot afford a private attorney, and assuming that you qualify for the public defender you will have one assigned to your case. Good Luck!

  5. If you have not yet had any luck in obtaining an attorney pro bono, you may want to contact the California State Bar and inquire as to whether or not they have an attorney referral program where you may get an attorney free of charge or at a discounted rate.