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I need a criminal defense attorney asap!

San Jose, CA |

I am seeking a criminal defense attorney because i met a guy in june 2011, months later (August 2011) I got pregnant and he new the child was his and on his own decided to financially supported me from that time till Nov 2012. Out of the blue I am served with papers to appear to court re: restraining order he is filing against me as well as him filing false charges of exstortion. I noticed things started to change after him telling his wife he had been having a affair and had a 7 month old child with me. there's much more to this but I've simplified it . Please help!!


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  1. Do a lawyer search for your area. Do your research on them and see if any of them will represent you.

  2. From what you've posted here, it sounds like you may need a family law attorney, not a criminal defense lawyer. Have you been arrested, issued a citation by a cop, or received any notices from the District Attorney? If not, a family law lawyer is what you need.

  3. Retraining order cases are like a hybrid type case. Criminal-Civil-Family Law implications. Yes you need an attorney. Representation in a restraining order case is not going to be cheap. An attorney would want to do a full investigation and possibly depositions of witnesses. At the bare minimum an investigation and aggressive representation.

    The good news that is you are the prevailing party in the action, the court could award you attorney fees. Contact an attorney ASAP.

    The above information does not establish an attorney client relationship nor is it meant to provide legal advice.

  4. Charges of extortion can be very serious. On top of it, there is a complication of the restraining order, child support issues and family law issues. You definitely need a very experienced attorney who is aggressive and won't wait for something to happen to you. Many attorneys make the mistake of not being pro-active, so watch out for that.

  5. This case is a civil restraining order case. There are several different ways to handle these types of cases. An attorney could assist you in negotiating an out of court settlement, or assist you in taking this matter to trial. I have handled around 100 civil restraining order cases,. Securing legal counsel is very important because losing the trial could negatively impact your child custody and visitation.

    While disobeying a restraining order, even if the order is temporary, could result in criminal charges - this case is handled in civil or family court.

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