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I need a copy of Public law: Chap. 48, 48 Stat. 112.

Englewood, CO |

It contains the very same wording as "HJR-192", however one is a resolution and one is a Public Law. Thanks!!

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  1. Go on the internet and search for 48 Stat 112, One of the hits should take you to the statute.


    Why this is in IP -- I have no idea.

  3. If you cannot find it in the INTERNET, then most cities have public libraries and legal libraries and their reference librarian can help you better than this forum.

  4. Searching for this will just bring up lots of debate on whether individuals have to repay their debts. Do be warned that reference to this law is often made by fraudulent debt-relief consultants and assorted nuts who will try to convince you that you do not have to pay your debts. Also, note that many old laws meant to deal with the economic situations of the 1930s have been amended or repealed. Moreover, courts can give meaning to laws that may not be readily apparent by simply reading the law itself.

    The people at have scanned in the 1933/1934 Statutes at Large in an 108 megabyte PDF file. I suggest downloading it and then viewing it, rather than trying to view it in your browser due to its size:

    The particular section you want is on pages 112-113 (the pages in question are listed in the upper RIGHT of the scanned document). The theory is that the resolution was repealed but not the statute so people do not have to repay their debts. I can assure you that reliance on this theory will _not_ work in court.