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I need a consultation with a family law attorney.

Virginia Beach, VA |

Children involved.

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Attorneys who provide consultations in family law matters (myself included) will generally charge a consultation fee. Unless you want to waste an hour of your time, avoid the "free consultations" which consist of a sales pitch but provide very little, if any, substantive advice.
Also look for a lawyer who concentrates in this area of the law. With something this important, you do not want a jack of all trades.

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The idea behind AVVO is that you give details about your situation in order to receive free legal advice. Since you already believe that you need a Family Law Attorney, you can go online and look for commentary there about family law attorneys. You can go to, which is a paid advertising program to which attorneys subscribe. Check with your employer's Employee Benefits department to be sure that you don't already have a fee-free consultation right through your Employee Benefits program. Ask around among your co-workers and friends- a personal referral usually is the best possible referral you can get. Otherwise, call the Virginia State bar's lawyer referral 800 number, and ask for a referral to a Child Custody attorney.

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