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I need a bankruptcy lawyer in Houston, TX. Preferably one that will take my case for free because I have been out of work for 3

Houston, TX |

years and am on government assistance. I have about 35,000 in private student loans to discharge (these are not federally backed loans-they aren't from a company like sallie mae. Just a companies advertising that I found online while in law school (I haven't passed the bar yet). I also have about 10,000 worth of credit card debt to discharge. With interest, there may be a few more thousands added to that. Contact me if interested.

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  1. Solicitation is prohibited on this site. Hope this perspective helps!

  2. Perhaps you should contact Legal Aide or see if a Law School in your area has a civil clinic that can help.

  3. Private student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. You should talk to your congressperson about changing the law.

  4. If you graduated law school, you should consider doing the bk yourself. You would be your first client.

  5. You might want to be very careful, if you are on the verge of passing the bar. Would hate to find out that the Board of Law Examiners considers you less than fit because you want to discharge your debts, and from the sounds of it could pass.

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