I moved into an apt 1/1/13 there was a prior leaking problem there which i asked about was told no prob. now it caused damage

and destroyed my bed and bedding. i called them at 3 am in the morning about the problem and was told they would fix it and they said they fixed it the next nite it rained again all over my bed and it kept raining and destroyed my bed & bedding now they want to pay for the damage to my bed. can you help?

Hawthorne, CA -

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Nicholas Basil Spirtos

Nicholas Basil Spirtos

Real Estate Attorney - Montclair, CA

If they are willing to pay for your damage, then give them an estimate and let them pay for your damages.
If they do not fix the problem, then you should move and sue them for the damages and relocation costs.
There may be grounds for a complaint to a rent control board or a health department as well.

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