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I missed my court date today for a traffic ticket driving with expired tag and no insurance. But the car was not mine.

Miami, FL |

The car was my brother in laws car. I got the ticket in january and its march. I completely forgot about the court date cause it was so long. What do I do?

The date i missed was a pretrial conference. What Happens? And can i reschedule? I called the court two hours after i was suppose to be there but i was on hold for about an hour so i hung up cause i got tired of being on hold.It was about 2 in the afternoon...

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Call the court clerk back again or go to the court clerk's office and find out how you can file a motion for a continuation date or to remove a capias, or otherwise to deal with this before they decide to come looking for you.

You have raised some potential defenses, but that does not do you any good unless you can go. There is a book called how to beat your traffic citation. Once you get your case restored I highly suggest that you either retain an attorney or read this book.

Good Luck.

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Calling on the phone is usaully a waste of time as you see. Click on the FDHSMV below, put in your Driver's License and see if it's suspended. If it is, do NOT drive. I would not wait for a court date. I would go to the court, sit in the courtroom where a judge is--usually first floor, sometimes second floor. Sit near the front, near the judge, wait till everyone else goes. They will ask if anyone else is left. Stand up, tell them you forgot your court date in January, you are here now. Show your driver's license, and your proof of insurance, and the registration of your bro-in-law's car. You should have a DL and inurance if you are driving, but you are not required to register your bro-in-law's car. So you need proof that it is his car and not yours. The judge might turn you away and tell you to get a new court date. If so, go over and see if you can resolve things with the clerk. If you get there and there are no judges presiding, see if you can work things out with the clerk. I would just go the the main Criminal Justice Building on 1351 NW 12th Street. You don't need appointments to see clerk, but if you license is suspended--I doubt it--you usually need appointment to see the DMV (FDHSMV). Please click on my website, it does not cost anything. Thank you.

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