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I missed an appointment with my probation officer.

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I missed an appointment with my probation officer. My roommate said that my PO officer came to the house the day after I missed looking for me, but I was working. I have in my phone that our next appointment was Feb 5th. This is the first time I have missed an appointment, but I didn't realize I missed, because I have the appointment being on Feb 5th. What will happen? I have been on Parole since May 2013.

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A missed appointment is a technical violation, but just one violation isn't going to cause you a problem, especially if it was an honest mistake. However, a multiple violations, like a pattern of missing or rescheduling appointments could lead to real sanctions.

It's somewhat unusual for a probation officer to come looking for you if you just miss one appointment, especially if you have no other problems. They do occasionally make home visits, but there could be more to this. You might want to have a phone consultation with a lawyer to share some more details.


Most likely your PO will believe you did not report because you were afraid of showing positive for drugs if you were tested. Not reporting is the easiest violation to prove by the state and should not be taken lightly. I imagine that if you do not report until Feb. 5th your PO will not believe anything you have to say as to why you missed. You need to speak to an attorney about your particular situation. Your options would include waiting until Feb. 5th to report; report as soon as possible (like today) if you are sure your drug test will show up clean; or getting a private drug test and if it shows clean show that to your PO. If it shows dirty then just don't worry about even mentioning you had a private drug test done. Are you on probation or parole?

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As long as you aren't doing anything else to violate your parole, and you simply missed your appointment, I would call your PO, explain the mistake, and tell them you can get in to see them asap. If you have issues as indicated by the other lawyers (will be positive for drugs, etc.) then I'd refer you to their advice. Do not fall into the trap of not going to see your PO...then not going again...then not going again...and never going because you got scared of what was going to happen. A lot of probationers and parolees fall into this trap when one missed appointment can often be remedied by keeping in contact with you PO and rescheduling it promptly. Good luck.

Please be advised that answering questions on this webpage is done to provide general information only and that by responding to a question we have not established an attorney client relationship. In order to establish such a relationship we would need to meet in person and go over more details of your case. Thank you.


Since the PO was diligent in looking for you, you or your attorney should contact him ASAP to explain the circumstances. This violation may not amount to anything if the PO believes in a good faith violation, he may request an inperson immediately. You need representation
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