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I miss my court date.

Silverdale, WA |

And I get new one what gonna happen am gonna be arrested to my hearing

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You might. In Kitsap county, most judges will give you one opportunity to come back and quash the warrant without having you arrested in court. If you have done this in the past, your odds go down. The longer you wait, the more your odds go down.
If you have an attorney and appear with your lawyer, judges are more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt as long as you act promptly.
Have your lawyer call the clerk's office and get you added to a warrant quash calendar right away. The lawyer can speak on your behalf and get you a new court date.
If you want to call my office, our paralegal can explain the process to you in more detail.

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Missing your court date can be a bad thing. Under state law, if you miss court, you could be charged with the offense of bail jumping. If you are out on a bail or bond, the court can order that your bail amount be forfeited and you could be held in jail until your case is resolved. Now that is the worst case scenario.

If this is the one and only time you missed court, you can schedule a "warrant quash hearing" and ask to have the missed court date forgiven. If your warrant is quashed, usually you will not be arrested or have to forfeit bail. Most courts will charge you a fee for quashing the warrant, i.e. $150 more or less.

In the meantime, as long as the bench warrant is active, you could be arrested by any law enforcement officer and jailed on that warrant. This can happen if you have any contact with law enforcement officers. That is why it's advisable to schedule your warrant quash hearing TODAY and get this taken care of.

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