I made a verbal agreement and broke it, due to health reasons

I made a verbal agreementment with my brother to rent one homes in Fl. I pain 6 mo.rent ahead of time. And arrived 2 months early, to check things out, I soon realized I wasnt adjusting to the climate and was Ill most of the time. I never moved into his home. I gave him 30 day notice and said I couldnt do this, I want to go back to co. He said, because I breached the agreement he didnt have to refund me any monies he received. Can he do that.. I just want to know for future decisions..and to keep our relationship intact.

Port Charlotte, FL -

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Barry A. Stein

Barry A. Stein

Workers' Compensation Lawyer - Miami, FL

The verbal agreement is enforceable as long as it is complete on all its terms. You dont explain that sufficiently in this fact pattern, so I cannot really answer that. If the agreement became impossible to perform and he was aware of that, he may not be entitled to retain all the money, but only a portion associated with his actual damages. Your brother right? Ending up in Court wont be good for that relationship.

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