I,m the owner of ins. office i had a self employee that was selling ins. cir and stealing cust. money what can i charge her with

Asked over 1 year ago - Garden City, MI

iam the owner of a insurance office and i had a person working at my office self employed she was selling proffs of insurance and stealing customer money without putting the policy through so the customers had no insurance but thought they did we went for the preliminary hearing she requsted a court appointed lawer since then i have forund more i dont want her to just get a slap on the hand and owe some money which im sure i will never see because i since come to find out that she was collecting wellfare while working here with out reporting it so my question is what can i do and how do i go about doing it

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  1. John F. Brennan

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    Answered . Take everything you have to the prosecutor and seek restitution from her for all she has stolen which you have had to pay or are potentially liable for. If you have difficulty determining what to claim hire an attorney or accountant to assist you.

    To the PROSPECTIVE client, please call myself or another attorney for your choice with more detaiils and an... more
  2. Alan James Brinkmeier

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    Answered . Turn over any additional criminal information you uncover to the police immediateoy. Do not hold it for you may be looked at as covering up

  3. Erick Masten Platten


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    Answered . Contact the prosecuting attorney and inform them of you anger about what you're going through. That might have some impact on how the case is handled.


    Erick Platten

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  4. David B. Carter Jr.


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    Answered . Be very cooperative with the prosecutor and the police. Be aggressive with your position and most likely they will be aggressive with her.

  5. Michael Charles Doland

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    Answered . Mr. Brinkmeier is correct about contacting the police and fully cooperating. When you cooperate, you will make a better impression if you "proof" your written communications for spelling before sending.

    You should have E&O coverage about defalcations by employees.

    The above is general legal and business analysis. It is not "legal advice" but analysis, and different lawyers may... more

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