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I'm suing in small claims court. I'm the owner of the wrecked vehicle , do I need to list my driver's name on the SC-100?

Hawthorne, CA |

I know I will need to bring my driver to court with me, but is it necessary to list his name on the form. I am suing the driver and registered owner of the other vehicle. My driver was not injured.

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  1. If you are not suing the driver of your car, than no you do not.

  2. I believe that my colleagues answer is correct, however, it may be best to seek a final answer from the small claims advisor, a civil service employee of the county where your court resides. That is because lawyers like us tend not to deal with small claims court forms on a regular basis, though there are a few that do. Every county has a small claims advisor. You may well be able to reach yours by telephone. If not, small claims advisors tend to make themselves accessible to the public for general questions according to a regular schedule of hours. They are extremely well informed, not only as to the general rules but as to the particular customs and practices followed in the particular court they serve.

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  3. If the driver of your car is not seeking financial recovery in the case, then you do not need to add him/her to the SC-100 form. The court does not need to know about witnesses ahead of schedule.

    However, if a problem later occurs between you and your driver, be prepared to issue a subpoena for him/her to come to court. Further, if you are GOOD friends and you know it will not be ann issue, you can still issue the subpoena so that the driver can get a day off from work without upsetting his/her employer too much.

    If you have further questions, be sure to speak with a lawyer that knows about Small Claims.

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