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I'm sick and tired of my neighbors upstairs, they're always banging, put loud thumping music, fight with his girlfriend @night.

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I'm sick and tired of my neighbors upstairs, they're always banging, put loud thumping music, fighting with his girlfriend at night or early morning, and or its the kids running jumping and throwing chairs and tables on the floor. See I live in a section 8 building in Manhattan, and I tell the management all the time they don't seem to care about it. I have trouble sleeping and enjoying peace in my own apartment. I don't deserve this I pay my bills. I would like to move , but I cannot take this section 8 with me! I'm a senior & disabled. What are my rights and what should I do next time. I called 311 and its a joke! The cops never came. What can I do ? I get scared and I start to tremble cause of the noise. Its just not fair. should I complaint to HUD and ask for a transfer? Help!!!

I live in section 8 project base apartment. I cannot transfer unless I have a section 8 voucher. what can I do?

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  1. Reach out to the NYCHA at tel:718-707-7771 and ask for a transfer. You seem to have exhausted your other remedies.

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  2. Your landlord is responsible, if you have brought it to his attention, to take steps to stop your neighbors from creating excessive noise or disturbances that affect your ability to live in your apartment in peace. You appear to be alleging that they have deprived you of your right to quietly enjoy your apartment by failing to take effective steps to abate allegedly excessive noise emanating from the neighboring tenant's apartment - this constitutes a breach of the warranty of habitability, and may entitle you to an abatement on your rent. You should consult with an attorney if you want to commence such an action against your landlord.

  3. There are noise laws, and a law that requires that a large percentage of an apartment must be carpeted. You should check with the clerk in the housing part to see how you enforce them.

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