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I'm outside the country and being sued in a civil court for online impersonation

Indianapolis, IN |

I'm outside the country and can't come back now, I know I can respond to court by mail but what is the period of time that I have so that I can provide evidence and a proper answer, is it within 20 days or more since I'm not the one who got served the summons, it was my father and he emailed me and I asked him to open the envelope, scan the documents and send them to me via email which took time, can I respond within 30 days or what should I do? Can I ask the court to dismiss the charges since there is no proof that I'm the ine who sent those email? I will provide a proof that my email is hacked, can the court dismiss without any further pleadings?

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You have a lot of evidentiary questions that attys on this forum probably would be loath to attempt to provide info regarding. There may be relevant questions of service regarding your 'receipt' of this civil summons. You should not hesitate to contact an attorney in Indiana to assist you. I have a client who resides in China and altho it is a challenge you can be effectively represented by counsel while you are out of country. Trying it yourself particularly with a complicated matter and you being out of the country is akin to me attempting to launch a space shuttle. Might go well, but highly unlikely.



I can't afford a lawyer that's why I want to efend myself especially that I have several evidence that I'm innocent. Can the court dismiss the charges if I provided evidence that my email is hacked? or the plaintiff can take it further?

Jerome L. Ezell

Jerome L. Ezell


Sir, I strongly advise you to obtain Counsel. Presentation of admissible evidence is a very very rough road to hoe and you are on the road to unsuccessfully attempting to defend this action if the Court determines that you have been properly served. The intricacies of this matter are very daunting and any advice regarding presentation of evidence would be extremely limited in this forum and possibly improper to attempt.


Your best bet is going to be to hire a local attorney who can go into court and file an answer on your behalf and start representing you.

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