I'm on Misdemeanor Probation, if I decided to leave the country, would I be stopped at the airport?

Asked over 2 years ago - Costa Mesa, CA

I'm on 1 year misdemeanor probation for 3rd dui that started January of 2012. . Court said I cannot leave state or country. I want to leave the country for a better job. I just cannot wait till next January. I know what kind of trouble I would get if I decided to come back to the state. All I'm worried about is if I'm going to be stopped at the airport and get arrested when I'm leaving. I'm asking because whenever you fly to outside of US, airline scans the passport during check in process at the airport. by scanning my passport, would that alert the police or anyone to stop me and get arrested before I get on the plane? Also, I'm not U.S. Citizen. I'm thinking about going back to my country.

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I posted same question few days ago, I just want to get more opinions from different lawyers.
As Mr. O'Neill stated, he was right, it is 3 year misdemeanor probation. I don't know where the one year came from.

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  1. George B. O'Neill


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    Answered . There is very little likelihood that you are only on "1" year probation on your 3rd DUI since the mandatory length of DUI probation (in CA) is three years, with five years as a possibility... I just thought you should know this.

    Your overall best bet is to go back to court and explain your situation to the judge and get things cleared up... that is not a normal term of probation but of course you may have left out some "minor" details. But considering your three DUIs in the time that you have been here the judge might welcome your leaving to return home!

    However it would be best to conclude your 18 month DUI class before you leave... you may want to return.

  2. Slavik Steve Leydiker

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    Answered . I seriously don't think a violation misdemeanor probation would put the TSA on high alert.

    My comments are provided for general information purposes only. Nothing on this or associated pages, documents,... more
  3. Jeffrey Scott Bullard


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    Answered . The answer is still the same.

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