I'm on juvenile probation and I keep testing positive (faintly for thc) can I get a violation if my levels are lower?

It's been two months and am still testing faintly positive

Jerome, ID -

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William J. O'Connor

William J. O'Connor

Criminal Defense Attorney - Boise, ID

Your PO may have you charged with a probation violation; however, if your levels are steadily decreasing they generally do not charge you. Your levels must have been rather high to begin with to still be testing positive, unless you are still using of course. If you are still using, you should definitely stop if you don't want to run the risk of a violation. The PO's deal with these issues every day and yours will figure it out if you are using.

Do you not have a lawyer who handled your case? If so, consult with him or her if you are concerned about a violation. PO's would rather see you succeed than charge you with a violation, but you need to be compliant. Sometimes a lawyer can help you by talking with the PO and smoothing things over, but if you are charged, do not admit to anything unless you speak with a lawyer first and that lawyer advises you to do so.

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Kathryn Mary Holton

Kathryn Mary Holton

Criminal Defense Attorney - Georgetown, TX


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