I'm on house arrest because of a criminal felony charge and I'm trying to find a good criminal attorney.

Asked over 1 year ago - Katy, TX

My next question is; Is there any attorney that would be willing to help me in my murder case that may not need money up front? I need to contact or be contacted by an attorney that can practice in Harris County, TX. Because I'm on house arrest and I'm wearing an ankle monitor I can't really go anywhere at this time and I'm having a difficult time trying to find an attorney. And I won't know until my arraignment if I'm gonna get a court appointed attorney. My case is in Harris County Criminal Court 183 under Judge Valerie Velazquez. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Joseph Francis Vinas

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    Answered . Call around for lawyers. Call their offices and visit websites. Murder cases are not cheap, but you may find someone willing to take your case on a payment plan.

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  2. Mark Dominic Grosso

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    Answered . It's unlikely that an attorney will accept your case without funds in advance. Even with a presumption of innocence, the amount of time and effort required to review the case (from your perspective) and - in particular - to review the state's evidence against you, is likely very involved before he or she can even propose a defense strategy or advise as to expectations. It seems unreasonable that anyone would suggest that attorneys should donate so much time on the premise of eventually being paid. Trust me... we often do not. As my colleague indicated, call around for consultations, most are free and many attorneys accept payment plans.

  3. David Christopher Hardaway

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    Answered . I think you'd be pretty hard-pressed to find an attorney that is going to be better than the one the court would appoint you on a murder charge that would be willing to take on representation without at least five figures up front. That's just being brutally honest, after all, it's a murder case. The good news is that only a highly qualified attorney would be appointed to such a case. The bad news is that if you want to have a choice in who represents you, it's going to cost you a lot of money. That being said, it's a murder case, so unless there are some unusual circumstances, you at the very least stand a very realistic chance of going to prison for the rest of your life if you lose, or possibly even getting a needle in your arm if it's a capital case. Based on your question, I don't think you've even begun to realize how much trouble you're in. You really need to get on top of this.

  4. Evan Edward Pierce-Jones

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    Answered . Not to be discouraging, but the point on fees is simply this.

    Law practice is a service business. That's true. But, it's a business. All a lawyer has to sell is his or her time.

    A murder case is going to take low end around 150 hours and maybe up to 400 to 500 hours. And, a lawyer sets fees accordingly. If you figure a good lawyer may well base his or her fee on an amortized target upwards of 300 dollars AN HOUR, you see why murder defense fees for top lawyers start around $40,000.00 and go up and up depending on how long the case is likely to take.

    Fact is, without selling the pick-up and the house, few people can afford to hire a lawyer for a murder defense.

    Still, that's just general info.

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