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I'm on felony probation in Cobb county. My paperwork says that my drug test is a "felony probation panel". Is alcohol included

Marietta, GA |
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There is an unchecked box that says "felony probation panel with alcohol etg" so common sense would say that I'm not being tested for alcohol. Does anyone have knowledge about this?

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In my opinion you should not be drinking alcohol while on probation but if you want to know if it is part of your probation then ask the lawyer who represented you when you entered your guilty plea.

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"with alcohol etg" sounds like an alcohol test. You did not mention which box is checked for your screen. I am aware that the drug testing facility located in the courthouse can test for recent alcohol use. It is also part of every felony probation sentence that you not have any alcohol or drugs without a prescription.

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I agree you need to talk your attorney who represented you at the time of sentencing.

The information is for general information purposes only. Receipt of this information or e-mail from our website, or other communications should NOT be construed as legal advice for any individual case or situation, nor the formation of an attorney-client relationship.

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Generally, all probations in Cobb County,--felony or otherwise-- adult or juvenile, include alcohol and drug screening. You can address this area with your probation officer. They are usually very upfront and specific as to the requirements to complete probation. If you have an issue right now, such as revocation of probation hearing for testing positive for alcohol, you should contact an attorney for representaion. It is understood that you may have represented yourself or been represented by an attorney. It is also understood that you may have either pled guilty or been found guilty at trial.

The above given information does not constitute an attorney/client relationship. Any individual, person or entity reviewing the above given information or this information is advised to seek legal representation of an attorney of his/her, its or their choice.

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