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I'm on bond probation this is my second time out on bond probation I had one dirty ua but I've been doing everything expected ?

Arlington, TX |

I have court for motion docket what will happen?

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Are you on bond for a probation violation? That's about all I can guess from the wording of your question. If this is the case and if this is your second violation, you definitely need an attorney--especially if you are set for a revocation hearing.

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I'm on bond probation for possession 4-200 g cs all my ua' s been clean I had one dirty and 2 clean ones after that and now I have court for motion docket what should I expect?

Macy Michelle Jaggers

Macy Michelle Jaggers


There is no such thing as bond probation. You are either or bond or you are on probation. I couldn't give you any better feedback without knowing which it is. Either way you need an attorney.


Bond probation? Either you are on bond, you are on probation, or you have a motion to adjudicate your probation for which you are on bond. One dirty UA is a violation. Did they put in you in a drug class? If not, maybe you can put yourself in one to try to avert going to jail / prison.

Cynthia Henley


Definitely consult an attorney because it is likely the state will file a motion to revoke your probation for the dirty UA.

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Your use of the words "Bond Probation" is confusing. I will try to answer your question but I'm assuming a few things. If you have been arrested and posted bail bond then you are free from jail while awaiting the trial of the charge(s). Commonly, today, the courts require that you don't use illegal drugs while awaiting trial. The courts require "bail bond conditions" i.e., conditions you must comply with while free on bond. A common bond condition is random drug testing, usually arranged through and by the local probation office. You are not on probation but you contact that office to show compliance with the court's "bail bond condition" requiring random drug testing of your urine. If you have failed a random drug test while ordered to comply with bail bond conditions it is a violation of the court's bond conditions. The bail bond will likely be increased without notice to you and a warrant issued for violating bond conditions (no illegal drug use). The courts treat this very seriously. You should contact an attorney immediately to decide how to deal with the possibility that a warrant has been issued, a higher bail bond set, and the possibility that you may be arrested.

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