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I'm looking for an attorney willing to take on Fl DCF.

Bushnell, FL |

I could really use some legal advice. Before my wife and I had our child we went to a bank and notarized a paper stating that we were chosing not to administer medications, blood work etc. Because we refused the PKU the nurse at Citrus Memorial hospital notified DCF even though we had the notarized paper. The law seems clearly written to me here a link to the particular statute (383.14) the section OBJECTIONS OF PARENT?GUARDIAN

Anyways the day after we came home from the hospital dcf arrived with a deputy and harassed us. Both deputy and DCF woman were questioning our personal beliefs etc. The dcf woman stated we need a religious exemption form, paperwork from a pastor, and other documention of our personal beliefs. I believe she was break

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You are right that it doesn't have to be religiously based but can be a moral or personal belief objection pursuant to basic First Amendment rights. A lot of people in Florida, and in a lot of places, have difficulties understanding this concept because they believe that the First Amendment applies only to religion (sometimes only to their religion!) not also to freedom from religion. You may want to contact the ACLU or the Freedom from Religion people or Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Also, go up the chain a bit. I'm pretty sure the higher ups at DCF understand this although whether or not you will get anywhere without a lawyer I'm not sure.

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