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I'm in the process of divorce and I owned a property prior to marriage. Why do I need to provide the copy of property deed?

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My husband was never on the deed plus we had prenuptial.

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    The separatizer has the burden of proof to show that the asset is their Separate Property. Therefore, you need to provide proof (ie, the deed) that the property is your Separate Property.

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  2. I'm sorry to read that you are going through that process. I know if it very stressful and more than a little bewildering.
    If you owned a property prior to marriage, your ex's attorney is doing due diligence to ensure that the property title wasn't changed to add the ex at some point during the marriage. It isn't likely that the title was changed, but the ex's attorney has to make sure. 510-208-5500. This answer does not create an attorney-client relationship. It is not legal advice, because it is only of a general nature. Please contact a lawyer qualified in your jurisdiction to discuss your situation in confidence, using your factual details. Avvo answers are only general legal responses. Item 9 of's Terms and Conditions are incorporated in this disclaimer as though it were printed here.

  3. It is a very normal request to have documentary verification of an oral assertion. Even if the property was mentioned in the prenuptual agreement, there is nothing particularly burdensome about the request.

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  4. They are entitled to the information.

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