I'm illegal my husband and i have been married for 3yrs and have a 1yr old baby & he is station in Germany. Can I get a pardon?

Asked over 2 years ago - Albuquerque, NM

Hi my husband is a citizent we met in high school 2005, then we got married in July 5,2008. He is in the Air Force we got station in new jersey for 4yrs. He reenlist for another 4yrs and he is now station in Germany but unfortunately I can't go with him because I'm illegal my parents brought me to the USA when I was 12yrs old. We have a 1yr old baby and he is staying with me to take care of him. My question is. Is there any way I can probably get granted the parol in place so my child and i can go over to germany where my husband is? If not then what can I do in order to change my status.. I need help please.

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  1. Stephen D Aarons

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    Answered . The Legal Assistance Division at the Judge Advocate Office on the airbase in Albuquerque should be able to suggest someone who can help you get a parole in place. You should have a military dependent ID as the wife of an active duty airman.

  2. Michael J Corbin

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    Answered . There is no "parole" for your situation. You are in the country illegally and can be deported at any time. You cannot travel to Germany since you have no legal travel documents (like a passport). Your husband would have to file for a spousal visa on your behalf, but that is typically only granted when you are not in the US, and certainly not in the US illegally. There isn't much you can do.

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  3. Clifford Michael Farrell

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    Answered . I suggest you post a new a new question under immigration so you can get some immigration advice.

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