I'm fighthing custody of my 8 yr. old son and the trial went from family violence to obtaning a valid TXDL can that be?

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my current husband don't have a TXDL but my ex is an illegal alien. His licence will be up for renewal sep of this year. My attorney told me that i can loose the case since my current husband hasnt provide a licence. Is that true can i loose my son for that reason. I'm not an unfit parent i work and provide for my kids. I dont have a criminal record.... can someone help!!!!

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  1. Fran Brochstein

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    Answered . Your post does not make any sense. Please repost your question with ALL the relevant facts so that your question can be adequately addressed. I think you are being "selective" in what you are putting in your question.

    What does your current husband not having a TX driver's license have to do with losing custody of your child? i've never heard of that being a problem unless he drives without a license and gets tickets or has been arrested. If so, then that is a problem.

    One way to resolve the problem is to have your husband get his TX driver's license. Problem solved.
    If he has outstanding warrants. Then pay them. Problem solved.

    Does your current husband have a criminal record? You don't address that in your question -- you only state that YOU don't have a criminal record. If your current husband has a criminal record it could be relevant in a custody battle -- it would depend on what he has been convicted and when the convictions occurred.

    You have left something extremely relevant out of your question -- merely not having a license is NOT the problem.

    If your current husband is the problem, then immediately separate from him. But then I'm sure that your current attorney has already advised you to do this. Right?

    I hope that I'm not being too harsh on you -- but something is "missing" -- to answer your question more facts are needed. Or, just call your attorney on Monday, perhaps you misunderstood him.

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  2. Stephen Andrew Hamer

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    Answered . You need to ask your attorney if you have any questions or concerns. They need to explain whatever it is that confuses you.

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