I'm disabled with no income. My husband left me 3/24/11,saying he was filing for divorce.

Asked over 3 years ago - Erin, TN

He then went on to tell me he was going to visit a friend in Indiana. He then became very verbal telling me the marriage, and why. Next thing he did was close our joint bank account,which leaves me without any means of support. He told me over the phone numerous times he is not coming back. He has also ordered me to move out of our home, as he is shutting of the electricity,phone, water etc.

I went to stay with some friends a few days for my sanity, as I thought he was in Indiana. Unfortunately he was not someone seen him and a friend here at the house Wed 3/30/11. They fixed the locks so my keys would not work on any door and put a padlock on the front door. I was smart enough to be escorted by the police because he has been abusive in the past.

He still continues telling me he has a lawyer and is filing for divorce. He says I will need and attorney because when he is done, he will be awarded half my SSDI if I get it.

4/1/11 He called me saying to call him back he was ready to talk and had something important to say. Boy was I wrong. He started accusing me of things, and belittling me.He then started yelling and I heard a woman in the back ground saying, "we are tapping you." I then told him bye and not to call again I would not take any of his calls at all.

He called about 6 times, but I just turned off my ringer on cell and the home phone, then called the police telling them what I did and why. As yesterday when I did not answer his calls he called then saying I told him I'd kill myself with taking too many pills. I told the officer he did the same thing last time he did this, as this is not his first time doing this. What do I do?

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  1. Blake Lamont Kelley

    Contributor Level 10

    Answered . You need to hire an attorney to contact his attorney to find out if he is filing or not, file for divorce if he isn't soon, get a restraining order as a part of the divorce filing to prevent the disposal or change of any property & file a motion to set temporary support. Once you are granted temporary support, have your doctors document that you are unable to proceed with the divorce and sit back and collect his money for a few years until he can get you back in Court. Then just before trial agree to an ID divorce if he agrees to some negotiated one time payment of alimony.

    I'm not your attorney and the answer above is fact dependent.

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