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I'm currently charged for poss cs pg 3<28g for hydrocod. & sm. bag of marijuana i have a prescription for hydrocod.

Houston, TX |

which drug am i being charged for and what is my likely outcome this is my first offense, can the charge be dismissed.

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Does your prescription match what you had in your possession. For example, you were prescribed 5 mg and had10 mg in your possession, it is not likely it will be dismissed. If what you had in possession matches your prescription, it is likely an assertive attorney can make your case and convince the prosecutor to dismiss hydrocodine. The marijuana is a separate matter, but not as serious of a charge. Your attorney should review why you were stopped, searched or even questioned. Often, drug cases are the result of bad stops or illegal searches.

The above answer does not create an attorney-client relationship. The information provided is general to anyone, and is not intended to be advice to anyone's specific situation. You should consult an attorney immediately concerning your legal issue. The information provided is not intended to be relied upon as a final or conclusive solution to your situation.



Yes they match it was 5mg and I don't currently have an attorney I figured if just brought my prescription up there then I would be ok should go with an attorney

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