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I'm being threaten to be deported by Mother in law. Can She do this?

Glen Burnie, MD |

I don't think she can but i would like to know if i should worry , i am a green card holder with no criminal record what so ever , work hard to provide my wife and baby , for personal reasons we decided to cut ties with her , and to keep my baby away . now she threatens " indirectly " by making You Tube videos claiming that she will contact authorities to have me my sister and mother deported if we don't comply and let her interact and see my baby . my sister is getting ready to initiate the process to obtain a green card and is legally married to a US Marine not that it makes a difference who she married . she is also trying to take us to court over " grandparent law " is there such thing ? can she legally obligate us to have her in my daughter's life when me and my wife believe it is not the best .

Attorney Answers 4

  1. No civilian can have you deported, though she certainly can report you to immigration. They may or may not do an investigation based on what she alleges. Parents have the right to determine who sees their children. She cannot force you to allow her to see your children. Keep all evidence you can of her threats in case you even need to defend yourself.

  2. No she cannot do it. If she persists fo to police. This is harassment.

  3. She cannot have you deported. You may want to consider reporting her to the police if she continues with this behavior.

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  4. If you are a law abiding green card holder you have nothing to worry about. Your mother in law could try to report your conduct to the government but it should not affect you unless you are involved in illegal activities. It does not sound like this is an issue for you.

    Parents have full legal custody of their children and grandparents have no "rights" to them under the law.

    If she is harassing you then you should consider reporting her to the police.

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