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I'm being sued for property damage even though the other party was at fault for an auto accident. What are my options?

Forest Park, IL |

The other party involed hit me in an attempt to pass me on a double yellow marked road. As we went though the process of reporting the accident to the authorities, I discovered that my husband failed to keep our auto insurance policy current. Although I payed all fines and court related cost there is still a lean on my drivers license until this matter is resolved.
I want to be fair, but I feel because the other party was also wrong and I lost far more (totaled car, broken glasses, an aggrevated preexisting back injury, not to mention the lost driving privileges) this matter should be resolved.

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Your situation is a difficult one. If the other driver has actually filed a lawsuit against you, you need to at least consult with an attorney. The cost for this consultation should either be very small or nothing at all. Once a lawyer has examined your paperwork and talked with you about the fact, he/she should be able to lay out your options and risks. Do this soon: there are time limits which will run without you knowing and it could put you in a bad place.

Michael Clancy
Clancy Law Offices

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