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I'm being sued by a JD buyer & have a CMC scheduled soon. I'm filing for BK now. Do I need to file anything in the meantime?

Arleta, CA |

Should I get an extension with the court to avoid a judgement against me? I'm still waiting for a draft from the attorney and I'm worried about the scheduled case management conference date approaching. I haven't responded to the plaintiffs request for admissions. Is there anything I need to do before the conference to protect me from a judgement while I wait for the BK attorney?

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  1. You did not provide any dates. If you have paid your bankruptcy attorney all the fees AND all the documents, information he/she needs, your petition should be ready to be signed and filed within a week. If the judgment comes through before you file, make sure it is listed on your petition and it will be wiped out, too. Good luck.

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  2. The debt to the JD buyer will be discharged in your BK, whether they receive a judgment or not.
    Don't delay, though, because if you wait too long after they get their judgment, they might have time to try to garnish your wages or levy your bank account.

  3. Once your bankruptcy is filed, you will get a case number showing it has been filed. That case number and filing date should be provided to the creditor's attorney on the lawsuit immediately upon receiving it, and it can't hurt to file proof of bankruptcy filing with the court either. Once your bankruptcy is filed, an injunction called the automatic stay goes into effect, which requires the state court lawsuit to stop. If, even by accident, a state court judgment were to be entered against you after the bankruptcy is filed, that judgment would be void, and of no effect. However, it is best to file the bankruptcy, if possible, before judgment is entered against you, since otherwise it may be necessary to file a judicial lien avoidance motion in the bankruptcy court to deal with it. Filing before judgment also prevents the judgment from showing up on your credit report.

  4. Make sure you file a notice of stay in the state court proceeding after the bankruptcy is filed. Your attorney should do that for you, however some charge a small fee for doing it. You could always do it yourself. Make sure it gets done so that you do not face a judgment.

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