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I'm being harassed on line and it's bleeding over into the real world . What kind of lawyer do I need ?

Allen, TX |

They are claiming I work with "Anonymous" to hack accounts! :-(

They have bombarded the city officials here with complaints about me, which were passed down to police, who believe the charges :-( Police are (IMO) harassing my husband at his job (had him pulled from a meeting in December, long phone call today) told him today they want to confiscate my computer/s, iphone, ipad, etc. to prove I am in league with "Anonymous" when I am NOT. These people harass and target me on their blog on a daily basis...I want to file a countersuit for harassment with the ringleaders, not sure what kind of lawyer I need.

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    In the event that you are cleared of all criminal charges, you may have a civil claim for malicious prosecution and/or defamation/libel. When that time arrives, feel free to give me a call to assist with that portion of your case.

    Nothing in this response is intended to be construed as legal advice. For advice regarding your specific legal matter, please contact me at (325) 718-9120.

  2. If the police are confiscating your computers you need a criminal defense lawyer. Now.

  3. Looks like you need a Criminal Defense attorney.

    Call for a free consultation at 727-937-1400 or visit us on the Web at

  4. The criminal aspect is more pressing than trying to sue for harassment or defamation. Should you decide to press a civil claim, you will need to show actual damages. Be prepared to spend money on a lawyer because most won't handle those cases on a contingent fee basis.

  5. Retain a criminal lawyer. It would be hard to go after an anonymous entity such as Anonymous.

    Only 29% Contingency Fee! Phone: 215-510-6755

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