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I'm an american woman married to a jamaican man.I live in the USA he still lives in jamaica has no visa.In oct 09 he beat me in

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jamaica.He broke my nose, blackened my eye.He was arrested and initially charges with assualt occassioning bodily harm.After taking my statement the police sent me to the doctors due to my injuries.The doctor examined me, the report stated my nose was broken.I returned it immediately to the officer. Once she saw the report, my husband was charged with assualt occassioning grevious bodily harm.After that 3 days later he went to the police and said I had also assualted him.I did not,but I was then charged with assualt occass bodily harm.Went to court there in jamaica,judge read he said I injured him.She told me to get a lawyer and I did, my charge against him is 1st but the lawyer is saying the clerk of court will represent me/act as my lawyer until his charge against me is up.Is that normal

What I am trying to fully understand is. Why can't the lawyer that I retained speak for me. She said that she doesn't even think that his charge against me will even be addressed after the photos and medical report proving my substantial injuries are presented in court Jan 14,2010. She said once my charge against him starts the clerk of court will prosecute and act as my attorney, and if I want her to she can be there to observe. If the clerk of court is going to represent me what do I need to pay independent counsel for. Why would the judge say get a lawyer? Is that normal procedure? I do not know because I have not ever faced any criminal court matter before. Please help me understand.I've had a hard time trying to find and obtain legal representation there. I am lacking in trust where the jamaican culture and people are concerned right now. Usually they think that "American" means your rich. Does what she say's make since? is this accurate?

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From what I understand, you have charges pending in Jamaica.

Are you currently in Jamaica or in the United States? Perhaps you could consult an attorney in your area in the US, to help you understand the process and if necessary to make a phone call to the Jamaican attorney.

Generally a US lawyer won't be able to advise you regarding the law and process in Jamaica.
Good look to you.

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I'm not a Jamaican lawyer, but it sounds to me like you need one to make sure that you are not criminally prosecuted based on the assault charge your husband made against you. It also sounds like you may have one, and, if so, that she plans on attending to make sure the charges against you are dismissed. If you don't have one, you should get one to make sure those charges are dismissed.

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