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I'm 35. I was sexually assaulted at the age of 5 at my preschool. can I sue for civil damages in IL? PLEASE HELP!

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In late 1983 I was 5 and in kindergarden Another 5 year old and myself were playing and we took the skirt off a doll. A little girl saw us and went and told the person who ran the daycare, the daughter of the owner who is now dead. we were both called up to the front office. I was told we were very bad and she was going to teach us a lesson. She grabbed me undid my pants, grabbed my penis hard , pulled my pants down in front of others and said If i walked around with my pants down for the rest of the mourning she would not tell my mom.The same thing happened to the other boy. A few weeks later I was put on meds for behavior till 9th grade, was seen by psy for 5+ years weekly. I was put in a mental hospital for 30 days in 5th grade. In 08 I found out it was abuse. I want to sue for damages

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  1. Under Illinois law an action for damages for personal injury based on childhood sexual abuse must be commenced within 20 years of the date the limitation period begins to run under subsection (d) or within 20 years of the date the person abused discovers or through the use of reasonable diligence should discover both (i) that the act of childhood sexual abuse occurred and (ii) that the injury was caused by the childhood sexual abuse.

    You've waited until the very end. ACT FAST NOW. Time may already have run out. Hire a lawyer. Get an investigations started. It will cost you some but don't delay anymore.

  2. I agee with Attorney Brinkmeier. You need to see an attorney who handles such cases immediately.

    The contents of this post do not establish an attorney-client relationship. Any comments made in this post are general in nature and may not apply to the specific facts and law of your case.

  3. Listen to Attorneys Brinkmeier and Dean and act quickly.

  4. Alan laid it out well

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