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I'm 17 years old an have been dating a 23 year old for 11 months. He will be 24 in a month. Is this legal?

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I don't want to see him get into any kind of trouble with the law. My mother is a single parent an she accepts this relationship as long as there is no sexual content of any kind. Is this still legal?

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Depends on what you mean on when you say dating. The age of consent for any sexual activity in Florida is 18. So he could get in trouble if your having sex with you especially once he turn 24 (the seriousness of the offense is greater if he is 24 and you are 17). Basically so long as you aren't having sex until youre 18 you should be legally fine.

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I think what you are asking is whether statutory rape would apply. As long as there is no sex of any kind, it is not illegal.

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Dating is fine. Having sex after he turns 24 and before you are 18 would be illegal.

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