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I lost temporary custody of my daughter to my soon to be ex husband. I have no criminal record. I have 3 adopted children.

San Antonio, TX |

He is a car salesman . He works from nine am to nine pm has no family in San Antonio . Hes from El Paso . I just want to know how to get her back .

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Were you representing yourself in court pro se? If so, hire a family law attorney immediately or at least speak to one about your case. If the child would be better off with you then you need to present your case better or you can request an order for a social study to be done. A social study is where a professional investigates both parties and makes recommendations to the court on custody, possession and access. The court doesn't have to follow the recommendations but if it's in your favor, it's a great piece of evidence.

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Sorry to hear that. Have your lawyer file a Motion to Reconsider or Statements of Facts and Conclussions of Law. Good luck and God bless!

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You haven't provided much information on your case however it appears that you have temporary orders in place. I would encourage to either work with your ex on a possession schedule that allows you to spend time with your daughter while he is working instead of him placing her in daycare. If he will not work with you, then set a hearing to "modify temporary orders" so that you can bring his schedule and lack of support to the Court's attention and also let the Court know that YOU ARE AVAILABLE to care for your daughter.

This is general legal advice. An attorney-client relationship has not been formed. Please contact an attorney for specific advice on your case.

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