I lost my lost my front tooth in an accident at work, can the company pay for treatment in a different state/

Asked over 1 year ago - Lawrenceville, GA

i was lifting the headrest for a patient when it slippped and hit my mouth.. they placed an implant but now i need a crown. i moved to a different state and they said they would continue with treatment only in there office no where else.. can they cover expences where i live now?

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  1. Thomas L. Holder

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    Answered . A person with a Georgia workers' compensation case can receive treatment in a different state for the workers' compensation injuries. The biggest problem that I have seen is that it can be difficult to find an attorney in another state who is willing to be paid in accordance with the Georgia Workers' Compensation Fee schedule. That is the schedule that determines how much medical providers are paid for providing medical services. This can be particularly true in areas such as dentistry, in which the medical providers do not generally deal with workers' compensation. In my experience, you have the right to receive treatment in a different state, but you may have trouble finding a dentist to treat you. Good luck.

  2. Nathaniel Fincher Hansford


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    Answered . If you move to another state, the insurance company made be required to porivde medical care in the state where you have moved. It really depends on what state you are receiving workers compensation benefits. Nate Hansford 770-922-3660

  3. George Ellis Corson IV


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    Answered . This looks oddly similar to a Post that you made 30 minutes ago. If you keep this up, you may eventually need dentures instead of a couple crowns.

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