I looking for the rule or law that states that a Personal Rep.for a will has the duty to prepare the tax returns!

Asked over 1 year ago - Silver Spring, MD

I am the Pers. Rep of my fathers will. Most assets were in his trust
or passed to the Trust from the will. My brother, Trustee of the Successor Trust,thinks he has the "right" to prepare ALL returns, but from my research I have not found any rules or laws that say that I, as the Pers Rep and responsible for ALL the Estate, can not prepare the Estate and final 1040 returns. He can prepare the Trust 1041. I have been working with my father since 1974 on his financial work so I have the knowledge.
And my brother has NOT given out any financial statements or docs since the end of June and we (4 total children as heirs) have the right to view all docs and the HUD for the sale of his home. Isn't this illegal to deny giving us this information?
I already have a probate lawyer but I need answers!

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This should be a fairly simple answer - where are the laws/rules about this issue located?
Nothing appears on the Register of Wills site relating to Trusts.
IS there a MD CODE for this type of transactions and procedures? Thanks...

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  1. Steven M Zelinger


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    Answered . Since you are represented you must confer with your attorney.

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  2. Christopher Michael Larson

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    Answered . It could be that you may need a different probate lawyer if you are not happy, but there could be a very good reason why the attorney is not citing code sections for you. It sounds like this would merely encourage you to play detective. You should just ask your attorney for the answer to your questions such as what your rights are to obtain the information you are trying to obtain from your brother, etc. You say you have an attorney, but it also sounds like you are doing a lot of this research yourself. Not sure if that makes a lot of sense.

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  3. Steven J. Fromm

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    Answered . Both attorneys offer sound advice. The real question is why would either one of you prepare such returns. CPAs or the estates attorney should be preparing these returns.
    Anyway, the answer here is that it is your duty to make sure that the estate returns and final income tax returns are prepared. You have the power under law to delegate this task to a trained professional and you should do so as there are elections and choices and some tricky rules in this area. If your brother is trustee of a funded trust he has like responsibilities to have such return prepared. You should also note that there are some special elections involved where there is a trust and estate involved. Stop messing around in an area way beyond your level of knowledge and required expertise and get an expert to assist you.

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  4. Edward Samuel Clay

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    Answered . If you have an attorney you should ask your attorney. If you are not getting answers to your questions from your attorney or you don't trust your attorney you should find one you do trust and hire him or her.

    Read the instructions for the various tax returns you mention. They are available on the IRS and Maryland Comptroller websites and will instruct who may file returns on behalf of a decedent.

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