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I live with my aunt, we have a basic notarized lease.she wants to kick me single mom.what are my rights?

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i live with my aunt and we have a basic lease, has move in date, rent amount and utilities i am entitled too, it was made for college purposes. she got mad at me bc she made dinner and i said i was going out to eat. she yelled and cursed at me and told me to leave right now and go to a shelter. being as i have a child, i asked her if i was supposed to take her too. she told me to leave and give her time to calm down. i want you to see the immaturity of this situation which is why i explained it. i want to know what my rights are and the process that will take place if she were to take me to court to evict me. i do not work, but i pay rent with child support, i do not have money to hire a lawyer if she were to proceed with legal eviction. I want to know what i will be up against.

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She does have to evict you, but it has to be for non-payment of rent, or violation of terms of the lease, or non-renewal of the lease at the end of the term, not because you refuse to eat with her. She has to give you proper notice. Also, legal aid usually represents people involved in evictions, and you might well qualify. At the end of this, I will give you links to the Legal Aid programs in Florida.

That said, you may want to consider the possibility of finding somewhere else to live, as it sounds like an unpleasant situation, and it is not good for your child to see adults screaming and fighting like that. Also, you don't want to leave and leave your child, or she may call DCF and say you have abandoned your child, then try to keep the child. So you may want to think of alternative living situations.

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How sad. Your aunt will have to evict you not just tell you to leave. Whatever you do never leave your child with her b/c she may say you abandoned the child and she will file for custody. I suggest you find another place to live - this sounds like a controlling situation and is not good for you or your child. YOu certainly qualify for legal aid help so head on down to one of the offices in your area.

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