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I live on a Indian reservation and got charged with 2nd drgree buglary and theft.. pled guilty

Eagle Butte, SD |

Iam a Native American who pled guilty to the 2nd degree bugarly and theft charge.ON the Indian Reservation and a few week's later I was indicted .. To a federal court. on the same charges.. how can they charge me?? and it was my first time for these Charges..

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There is no automatic pass or bite at the apple so to say; so if it is your first time it doesn't change what is happening to you. Hopefully some who actually practices in this area of law and even in your state can add a more detailed answer but basically Native American Indiana Nations and their reservations are a third sovereign in addition to state and federal law, which is why being charged there and the way you describe does not violate double jeopardy.

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