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I live in Washington state and have a warrant in Texas . Will this stop me from crossing the Canadian border ?

Burlington, WA |

The warrant is from a speeding ticket 6 . 5 years ago , and I just received the warrant in the mail . I am planned to move to Canada on a work visa for 6 months starting April . I feel after this amount of time they shouldn't but just now trying to collect debts or issuing a warrant .

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One question is whether this truly an "arrest warrant" or simply a notice of failure to appear which is more typical for civil infractions like speeding tickets. That said, this is really a question for a Canadian immigration attorney as it will be governed by Canadian or British Columbian law and border policy. Please contact me for names of some Canadian immigration attorneys who can answer this question.

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It depends. Call a Texas lawyer to get more information on the warrant.

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Simple speeding tickets will almost never lead to an arrest warrant. So, either you actually have a criminal charge and an outstanding warrant, or you have an unpaid ticket and do not actually have a warrant. If you have an open warrant, not only might you not get into Canada, but you might get arrested in the process of trying to cross. If you only have an unpaid speeding ticket, it should not cause you problems crossing. Only an attorney with more specific information about your situation can give you a more specific answer.

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