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I live in TX seeking custody of my 9 year old daughter back from my brother who had temp custody in Virginia for one year.

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I gave temp custody of my daughter(6yrs) to My brother and wife ,military, stationed in Virginia ,so that my daughter could attend school there for 1 year. My brother used his military resources to do this. After 1 year my daughter was returned to me and brother got out of the army and moved back here to Texas. We never returned custody to me on paper and my brother,a police officer , wants to do this since he no longer has my daughter in his care.

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You should hire a lawyer Monday morning.

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If there are court orders giving your brother custody, you will need to modify them and you will need to hire a lawyer in the county from which the orders originated. That lawyer can tell you if you will need to do the modification there are transfer it to another court.


According to Texas Law you would file a Motion to Modify the propr custody order in Virginia, and get the case transferred to Texas, and then enter an Agreed Order Modifying the Order here. Before you go through that expense, confer with a Virigina Attorney and find out whether the temporary orders were ever made into a final order in VA or whether the case was dismissed. If the case was dismissed with no final orders entered, there may be nothing to do.

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Dorothea Elaine Laster

Dorothea Elaine Laster


"prior" custody order


Answer this question, what county and state are the present orders in? Where does the child live now? For how long?

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