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I live in pa and my p.o. said to come to his office to extend my probation what happens here will I go to jail

Lansdale, PA |

I am off august 22nd but I owe 2500.00

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  1. Taking your PO's words at face value, it sounds like he will meet with you in person to encourage you to get on the ball with the outstanding financial obligations from your conviction. If your current balance is a reflection of an inability to have made more in the way of progress, you should not have to worry about incarceration, but you would do well to bring with you documentation regarding your financial situation and your efforts to meet the court's requirements. If the judge whose sentence you are serving finds that your nonpayment is "willful" (that is you have the ability to pay but have chosen not to do so), then you can anticipate a period of time to reflect on the value of your liberty while in jail.

  2. Mr. Jones is offering you excellent advice. Talk to your lawyer as well.

  3. I have found that even with a high balance, if the probationer makes even regular small payments, that this reflects somewhat more favorably with the judge. However, if you have stopped making payments altogether for a lengthy period of time, this may be problematic. It would be wise to consult with an attorney.

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