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I live in Oklahoma and I'm trying get workman's comp. Attorney went to court they asked for a trial so now we wait for trail.

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They also said they will pay for treatment but no weekly benefits. The Dr. they sent me to has taken me off work because he says I need surgery because we have done physical therapy,injection and nothing has worked. Is there anything that my lawyer could have done different. I am losing everything I have behind on all my bills with no help from anyone. Can I get ssi or anything like that. I am this close to firing my lawyer and going to find a job that I can do. I have asked him for money but I get no response from him but I have to go through my case manager. Please help I'm at my wits with all of this

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You are entitled to periodically ask reasonable questions to your attorney and expect a response within a reasonable time frame ( generally, a week or less if attorney is in town/not locked in trial, etc...).

I would urge you to call his office and demand an appointment, and if you they don't want to give you one, advise that you are on the verge of discharging him and without an appointment you will likely do so. Try to hash things out with the attorney you hired....if you can fix the problem, it will likely be much easier than trying to find and hire a new attorney and potentially deal with a claim by old attorney that thay have a claim to some of the fee that might be had (which often makes a new attorney not too interested in taking your case).

Ask about working...In most cases, as long as you work within restrictions your doc might have given, it does not hurt your claim, though it might impact the overall value of claim (creat an offset)...but putting food on table and keeping roof over head NOW is more important than possible money down the road, imo. Your attoreny is likely precluded by the rules of ethics from giving/lending you money, so I don't fault them for not doing so...but they should tell you that and not just ignore you.

You could also call a few local attorneys to see what they think about the status of your current situation, so you'll have a better basis of knowledge if and when you meet with current attorney or need to seek to hire a new attorney. Check to see if your state has a website that provides information about the Work Comp porcess in Oklahoma; study it and learn as much as you can.
good luck

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Thank you so much for explaining everything to me. I have never had a claim so this is all new to me. I bet you are a very good attorney...Thanks and have a nice day.

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