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I live in Ohio, how do I prove my step son is being mentally abused by his mother. He doesn't even want to go home anymore

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My step son is 13 years old. His father and mother divorced almost six years ago but were seperated for four years before they divorced. My step son loved being with his mother and us equally (a week on week of parenting schedule). About a year ago he started saying he didn't want to go back to her home. If he forgets something at our house (like a specific shirt) she tells him we are thieves and he is punished. He is scared of the dark and she will take his nightlight away from him if he forgets to do one chore. He has to sneak to call us because she listens in on his conversations and he doesn't want her to hear what he says. He doesn't feel comfortable talking to her because of the guilt trips that he receives.

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Abuse can be both physical and emotional. If you believe the abuse rises to a level that threatens the child's well-being, you have a responsibility to report it to the proper authorities. You can contact you local Department of Public Safety or Child Protective Services.

All answers are for education purposes only. The information here is not meant to form an attorney-client relationship. All answers are based on the limited facts presented, and are in no way meant to constitute dispositive legal advice. Please contact an Oklahoma criminal defense attorney at to discuss your situation in detail.

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