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I live in New York state and I had faulty work done to my car that ruined it. Can I take them to small claims?

Watertown, NY |

I took my car in to get fixed and everything about the experience was wrong. Constant lies on when the work would be done, the bill was done incorrectly with no detail on what the supposed work was. They flat out lied when I picked up the car saying it was great and I immediately took it to two authorized dealers who confirmed that not only was the work not done but the car was in worse shape than before. They charged almost $1800 dollars in work that was literally not done. Then on top of that I had to rent a car for a week and had to pay to try and have the car fixed at the dealership. I've saved every receipt for all charges incurring from this. Also I went through the local attorney general but they never replied to them, I have a letter showing this.

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You can sue the repair shop in small claims court for damages up to $5,000.00. If you go to trial, you will need a mechanic or representative from one of the dealers to act as an expert witness for you. They will probably charge you for this service. The mechanic will have to testify that, after examining your car, the work you were charged for by the repair shop was not done.



Can I go back to one of the two places I had it looked at and have their mechanic be my expert witness? What is a normal going rate to charge for the service?


You can sue but you need an expert witness. How do you know the two authorized dealers didn't mislead you to get the business.

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That could very well be true, I'm not mechanically inclined myself. I called my bank and they recommended the shops to me. Both places agreed on what was the faulty work. All I have now is all the paperwork outlining the discrepancies between the original shops work and the two places that looked at it afterwards, can this stand in as witness testimony?

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