I live in Florida and I was locked out of my business of nonpayment of back rent is this legal and can they sell my possesions?l

I have a copy of my lease and I dont understand alot of the legal terminology which lets me know that I should have a legal representation before I signed this lease but I have been struggling financially in my business for the last several months and I have been making some sort of payment to them, some months a little more but still falling behind and now I have the opportunity for some business expansion, so I will be able to eventually catch up on whats owed, but my landlord locked my business making it impossible to earn the money necessary to pay my bills or any money that is owed. What can I do in this case?

Brandon, FL -

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Carol Lynne Zimmerly

Carol Lynne Zimmerly

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - Kissimmee, FL

This falls under the heading of prohibited practices. Go see a local landlord lawyer immediately. You can ask a judge for three months of rent for this action by the Landlord.

Let us know what happens. Good luck.

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