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I live in Florida and have a condo that is in foreclosure. Do I still have to pay the hoa dues

Orlando, FL |

It is a condo in orlando. It has been vacant for almost 9 months.

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You are obligated to pay the home owner association dues as long as you are the owner of the Condo. If you do not pay the dues they will be added on to the amount you owe at the time the final judgment of foreclosure is entered. Whether or not you pay the dues in the meantime is a decision you have to make based upon your ability to pay and other factors personal to you.

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There is no "one size fits all" answer to this - or any - question regarding a foreclosure situation in Florida. Each case is different, and the answers depend om those differences and the specific goal, objectives and situation of each borrower.

The condo association also has the right to file an action of foreclosure against you and upon completion of the foreclosure, to hold a sale and to extinguish your interest in the condo. That would not change your indebteness to the bank or your exposure for deficiency judgment. So, depending on what you are doing about the foreclosure, you may or may not care. If you are filing bankruptcy, and don't live in the condo, it is probably irrelevant. If you are going to try defending against the bank foreclosure to gain leverage to negotiate regarding your deficiency exposure, you probably do care, because if the condo forecloses, there will be a sale, and the bank will no longer need to deal with you.

Foreclosure related issues are tricky - there is no way to give you a generic answer that will help you. When new clients contact us about foreclosure matters, one of the first things we ask them is "what is your objective" ? The answers vary depending on what the cleint's objective is. That is why the :do it yourself" web sites are so dangerous to borrowers - it is impossible to pick through what is there and to make good decisions about how it will work for you.

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