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I live in Chicago, Il and am wondering if there are pro-bono attys who will do divorces? How do I contract them?

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My husband claims that I can use his attorney. I don't feel comfortable with that, however, the only concern of mine is his pension and this is a huge concern of his at this time. He doesn't want me to touch his pension and that is why I do not want to use is atty. Any ideas??

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You can request that the court order your husband to pay for your own lawyer, as well as his own, without you having to share his lawyer. See a family law lawyer about this.

I'm only licensed in CA. Please note that this answer does not constitute legal advice, and should not be relied on, since each state has different laws, each situation is fact specific, and it is impossible to evaluate a legal problem without a comprehensive consultation and review of all the facts and documents at issue. This answer does not create an attorney-client relationship.


As a general rule, we can't represent BOTH spouses in a divorce since you have adverse interests. He clearly doesn't want you to have much of anything. It is true the court can order your husband to cover attorney fees pursuant to the IMDMA (That's Illinois' codified marriage/divorce laws).

HOWEVER, the attorney has no guarantee until the court grants it, which is why many won't step in - or if it's denied, they immediately withdraw.

Finding free attorney's is much like trying to find a free mechanic, plumber, or landscaper. However it doesn't hurt to look if you have no other alternative.


You cannot afford not to have your own lawyer. You have a 50-50 right to his pension benefits and your share could amount to a thousand times more that what a lawyer may cost you.

You must have your own lawyer. Period.


Hello. I strongly suggests that you get your own attorney. Your husband's attorney will certainly have a conflict of interest if you attempts to represent the two of you. Contact the American Bar Association for information on pro bono representation, or the Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago. You should be able to locate both online.

My comments are for informational purposes only. I am only licensed to practice law in the State of Illinois. I urge you to obtain legal representation in the State of your residence, if your question pertains to a legal issue outside of the State of Illinois. Even if you are a resident of Illinois this notification serves as a disclaimer with regard to statements made by me. I am not your attorney and as a public service, only,I have commented and given my opinion on the question posed by you on this web site. You should seek formal representation from an attorney of your choice prior to taking action on your matter and you should take the time to meet with that attorney and enter into a formal retainer with him or her if you want them to represent you in your particular legal matter. My comments here are based upon the limited facts that I have been provided with in this online communication forum and you should not rely on my comments as if I am your attorney, but should seek independent counsel to discuss your case.

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