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I live in California, i was ordered to install an iid for a year. Can I wait until the year is over and then begin to drive ?

Van Nuys, CA |

My year will be over in may 2013, can I wait til then to start driving again ? I don't have a car at the moment. I sent the exempt form for the iid.

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Can you not install the IID and wait a year and then drive?

Well, did the court order the IID in your car? I assume yes because LA county is a pilot IID county. If you don't own or operate a car you can submit a verification of non operation and that should relieve you of your obligation at this time.

Did the DMV respond to your IID form?

On a first offense the DMV isn't requiring an IID.
On a multiple offense you would have to complete a multiple offender program, provide and SR 22 and a reissue fee to get a license. Your suspension would be for 2 years and you cannot drive for 90 days or 6 moths and then only if you get the IID and you could wait for 1 year and then apply for a to and from work restricted license without an IID.

Without knowing more about your case it is tough to give you a definite answer.

You should discuss all of these options with your attorney.

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Are you on some form of probation? Are you saying that you do not own a vehicle at all?

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Do not just wait the year and do nothing. You need to file paperwork with both the court and the DMV if you do not own or possess a vehicle. Unless you do this the time does not start.
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