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I live in California, have been served, responded to all court papers. More than 18 months ago I sent the plaintiff a request

Clovis, CA |

More than 18 months ago I sent the plainiff's a return receipt requested letter (I have all docouments) for verification. He has still not responded, but continued with court case. No date has been set yet. Do I have grounds to ask for dismissal. Also, if he just received info
and has not shared it, can ir be used against me? Since the plaintiff's attorney cannot go into small claims, I am being sued in Superior Court for a credit card debt that I cannot even find out who it is.

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Your question is quite confusing. If this is a small claims case, then you cannot get the case dismissed for any reason. You need to go to court to defend yourself on the day listed on your paperwork.

If this is a Superior Court case for a debt collection matter, then you need to speak with an attorney immediately so as to not waive your rights.

In any case, all paperwork will help you with this matter. If/when you consult with an attorney, make sure you provide her/him with this paperwork at the first meeting.

If you have further questions, be sure to speak with a lawyer that knows about Small Claims.

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