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I live in an apartment. A contractor who was working on the roof dropped materials on my car and damaged it beyond repair.

Dayton, OH |

The car was parked in an area that was not taped off or designated in any way as a no-parking area. I have pictures and the building custodian as a witness. Who do I go to for damages, the building owner or the contractor? What compensation can I reasonably demand.

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You need to take all the documentation you have, including pictures and the names of possible witnesses, to a competent attorney immediately. It sounds like you would have an active claim to recover damages to your car, as well as some possible secondary claims. The attorney will be able to advise you who would be the best possible person to bring the claim against.

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I would suggest speaking with the contractor to see if they will simply pay for the damage. I would suggest that you also speak with the Landlord and inform them of what happened. Keep in mind that sometimes you get more bees with honey than vinegar. If you approach them professionally and nicely they may not be as defensive. If that doesn't work I suggest getting an attorney involved. Good luck.

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